Silver Nitrate 0.01M

26th October 2018



An image showing Silver Nitrate 0.01M in a 1 litre container

Why Should you Buy Silver Nitrate 0.01M from ReAgent?

  • We supply silver nitrate 0.01M in 1L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
  • MSDS available to download from our website
  • We ask offer further options with all our products, including specific pack sizes and bespoke blending

How safe is silver nitrate?

Silver nitrate can be a dangerous chemical mainly due to its toxicologic properties. As such, any staff dealing with this chemical may be exposed. This includes occupations in photography, silver-plating and manufacture of dyes, pigments and paints. In these situations, safe levels must be maintained by ventilation or process enclosure. In addition, staff must wear appropriate protective clothing, including gloves and face-protection.

In terms of storage, this chemical must be stored in a cool and dark area, away from sources of ignition or incompatible products, such as halogenated acids, arsenites, bromides, carbonates, iodides and others.

In case of spillages, silver nitrate can be placed in a clean, dry container for later disposal. Large liquid spills on land must be diked to prevent spread to water sources or sewers, and then contained in holding areas that have sealed with an impermeable liner. If this solution reaches a body of water, it can be neutralised with sodium sulphide and sodium bicarbonate.

Hazard identification

  • Fire hazard: Silver nitrate is not combustible, but in case of fire it may release toxic and irritating fumes. It also enhances combustion of flammable compounds.  Silver nitrate can also form explosive compounds with sulfur, alcohols, and ammonia.
  • Exposure: This compound may cause redness, blisters and burns if in contact with skin, as well as loss of vision when in contact with eyes. If ingested or inhaled, it causes sore throat and a burning sensation, accompanied by shortness of breath. In extreme cases it may result in blue lips and skin, dizziness, nausea, convulsions and eventually unconsciousness if not treated. It’s important to seek medical advice as symptoms may be delayed.
  • Chemical hazard: Silver nitrates decomposes in high temperatures, releasing toxic nitrogen oxides. This compound is also a strong oxidant and may react violently with reducing or combustible substances.

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