Sodium Chloride 1% w/v

26th October 2018



An image showing Sodium Chloride 1% w/v in a 25 litre container

Why Should you Buy Sodium Chloride 1% w/v from ReAgent

  • We supply sodium chloride in 25L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders
  • MSDS can be downloaded from our website
  • We also offer further options with all our products, including customised labelling and specific pack sizes

What is sodium chloride used for?

Most people know of at least one use for sodium chloride – as table salt – but this compound has also many industrial applications:

  • Sodium chloride is involved in the chloralkali process. The starting point in this process involves a reaction between NaCl and water, to produce chlorine and sodium hydroxide. This reaction is done in a mercury or a membrane cell, and each method uses a different approach to separate chlorine from sodium hydroxide.
  • Manufacture of sodium carbonate and calcium chloride also relies on this compound
  • Other industrial applications include oil and gas extraction, where sodium chloride is an ingredient in drilling fluids
  • In the textile industry, this compound is used to “salt out” organic impurities in dyes
  • It’s also used to process copper, vanadium, steel, beryllium and others
  • In the paper industry, it’s used to bleach wood pulp
  • It can be applied to animal hides to prevent microbial growth
  • Sodium chloride is also used to produce rubber tyres
  • As a water softener, this compound has the ability to counteract the action of calcium and magnesium, which interfere with the soap and increase scale buildup
  • The second most popular use of sodium chloride is as road salt to prevent ice formation on the road at low temperatures. This is usually effective up to -10 degree Celsius
  • Salt is also used as a food preservative, as it inhibits bacterial growth
  • Sodium chloride is used as a food additive in many types of food, from pre-prepared meals to cheese and ice-cream
  • Class D fire extinguishers contain sodium chloride as the main extinguishing agent to be used on combustible metal fires, such as sodium, potassium and magnesium alloys
  • Historically, sodium chloride has been used for generations as a cleaning agent for many household applications

Wide range of products

In addition to sodium chloride, we also offer a wide range of products, from pharmaceuticals to petrochemicals, as well as bespoke solutions for your needs. Simply contact a member of staff for more information or free technical advice.


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