Sodium Hydroxide 10% w/w

27th October 2018



An image showing Sodium Hydroxide 10% w/w in a 5 litre container

Why should you buy sodium hydroxide 10% w/w from ReAgent?

  • We supply sodium hydroxide 10% w/w in 5L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders

  • MSDS also available to download from our website

  • We also offer further options with all our products, from specific pack sizes to customised packaging

Is sodium hydroxide used for medical or veterinary applications?

Due to its strong alkaline properties, the applications of sodium hydroxide in the medical and veterinary field are limited. Nevertheless, a 2% solution of this compound can be used to disinfect and clean small cuts in animals, to prevent many common pathogens, including fowl cholera and pullorum disease. In humans, this compound can be used to remove disease tissue and eliminate small warts.

How can sodium hydroxide be produced?

This compound can be obtained via different reactions, including:

  • electrolysis from sodium chloride: this is the method currently used industrially, generating sodium hydroxide (in solution), chlorine (gas) and hydrogen (gas) according to the mass ratios 1:0.8:0.025. Once the gases are removed, concentration of sodium hydroxide is improved by evaporation

  • reaction between calcium oxide and sodium carbonate: in this case, a hot 12% solution of sodium carbonate is added to the calcium oxide, generating calcium carbonate which precipitates out of solution and is gradually removed, leaving a sodium hydroxide solution, which can be further evaporated.

  • reaction between sodium metal and water at low temperature: not viable industrially, but a common procedure in schools to show students calcium’s reactivity

  • Ferrite recovery: this is used mainly in small paper pulp plants, where waste liquor liquid (with sodium salt) is evaporated and the residue mixed with iron oxide and subsequently calcinated. As a result, the resultant sodium ferrite is converted to sodium hydroxide.

How is sodium hydroxide sold?

Commonly, sodium hydroxide is sold as pellets, flakes, granules or powder. Commercial solutions of various concentrations can also be found. Typically, impurities in these products include sodium chlorate, sodium sulphate, sodium carbonate and sodium chloride.


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