Sulfuric Acid (Laboratory Use)

28th October 2018



An image showing Sulfuric Acid (Laboratory Use) in a 2.5litre container

Looking for Sulfuric Acid for Laboratory Use?

We supply sulfuric acid for laboratory use in 2.5L containers, with discounts available for bulk orders.

This product is sold with a minimum 96% purity levels, and impurities not exceeding 2 ppm arsenic, 5 ppm lead, 0.005% chloride, 0.002% iron, 0.001% nitrate and 0.01% non-volatile matter

We also offer many other options with all our products, including personalised packaging and specific pack sizes.

How is Sulfuric Acid Produced?

The typical multi-step reaction to synthesise sulphuric acid involves sulphur, hydrogen sulphide or pyrite (FeS2). This is known as the contact process in the presence of a vanadium catalyst.

The first step refers to the combustion of sulphur or iron pyrite to generate sulphur dioxide, which is subsequently oxidised to sulphur trioxide in a four-stage conversion conducted at high temperatures (450°C).

Sulphur trioxide is then allowed to cool to 160°C, after which is absorbed in a circulating stream of pure sulphuric acid (higher than 98%). In this step, it reacts with minimal amounts of water to form sulphuric acid.

Alternative Methods

Other modes of production include the synthesis of calcium sulphate. This is known as the Cat-Ox process.

Sulphuric acid can also be synthesised by mixing nitric oxide (NO) and sulphur dioxide and water. In this case, sulphur dioxide is oxidised to sulphuric acid in solution, with nitrogen oxide providing the necessary oxygen for the reaction to occur.

This was the original industrial method to produce sulphuric acid but has largely been replaced by the more efficient contact process described above.

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