ReAgent Now Supplies Ampoules for Medical Training

Dan Wiggins

7th January 2016

Company News


water ampoule(of)

ReAgent has been asked to supply ampoules for medical training. We were recently contacted by two different paramedic training departments from Universities throughout the country who were looking for new, reliable supplier for certain training products based in the UK. Products currently being used by these training schools are supplied by a company based in USA, who manufacture… Continue reading »

The Evolution of the Ampoule

Amy Hawthorne

23rd February 2015




An ampoule is a sealed vial – most commonly made of glass – used to contain a small amount of a product. Modern-day ampoules are useful for protecting the contained product from airborne contaminates due to the hermetical sealing process they undergo. Hermetically-sealed ampoules were not developed until the 1890’s, but the lifespan of the… Continue reading »