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What Are The Highest Paid Jobs In Chemistry?

Jessica Clifton

7th August 2020


What are the highest paid jobs in chemistry

With the right experience, you can explore a number of lucrative careers in chemistry. This article identifies some of the highest paid jobs in this industry, as well as the skills needed to secure them, and the steps you can take to start your career in chemistry.  Are These the Highest Paid Jobs… Continue reading »

Why Choose a Career in Chemistry?

Jessica Clifton

19th June 2020


Why choose a career in chemistry

With all the career options available, you probably already have various choices that pique your interest. However, it’s important to know what you want from your career. Practicality and stability? Excitement? Being able to make new discoveries and push the boundaries of human knowledge? Helping people and our planet? A career in chemistry… Continue reading »

Best Careers in Science

Jessica Clifton

10th June 2020


Best careers in science - become an astronaut

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking. You could say that these famous names had the best careers in science. They followed their passion for science throughout their lives and were rewarded with incredible careers, being recognised worldwide for achievements that have impacted the scientific world and beyond. Pursuing a science education past… Continue reading »

The Best Jobs in the Chemical Industry

Jessica Clifton

3rd June 2020


Workers in the chemical industry at a chemical manufacturing plant

It’s notable that careers in science such as in chemistry and physics are always amongst children’s top ten choices, regardless of generation and gender. If you’ve followed that passion from childhood, we hope you will find your career in the chemical industry. But if you’re thinking of becoming a scientist, a chemist or… Continue reading »

The STEM Skills Shortage & What It Means for the UK Chemical Industry

Jessica Clifton

1st August 2019



Reports have been circulating for well over a decade that the UK has a STEM skills shortage. Indeed, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) skills are critical to the country’s productivity and economy, making this shortage a critical problem to solve especially in an era of fast-paced technological change.  But what’s the cause… Continue reading »

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