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How Big Is The Chemical Manufacturing Industry?

Jessica Clifton

27th March 2019



How big is the chemical manufacturing industry

If you’re looking for a one-word answer for how big the chemical manufacturing industry is, that word is: very. But to go into a little more detail… What Is The Chemical Manufacturing Industry? The global chemical manufacturing industry includes any company which produces industrial chemicals. Manufacturing around 70,000 different products, it’s an intrinsic part of… Continue reading »

Glossary: Key Terms in the Chemical Manufacturing Industry

Amy Hawthorne

19th August 2014




The multitude of technical terms in the chemical industry can get confusing. No matter how long you’ve known the industry, even experts can trip up on the key terms they use regularly. When searching online for definitions for particular terms in the chemical industry, any information on them can be either fragmented or overly detailed… Continue reading »