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How Big Is The Chemical Manufacturing Industry?

Jessica Clifton

27th March 2019



How big is the chemical manufacturing industry

If you’re looking for a one-word answer for how big the chemical manufacturing industry is, that word is: very. But to go into a little more detail… What Is The Chemical Manufacturing Industry? The global chemical manufacturing industry includes any company which produces industrial chemicals. Manufacturing around 70,000 different products, it’s an intrinsic part of… Continue reading »

How a Simple Design Re-brand has Helped to Improve Customers Experience on our Website

Dan Wiggins

18th September 2015

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ReAgent UK Ltd

If you’re a regular to the ReAgent website, you may have noticed some slight changes throughout the website in recent weeks, and that is because we’re slowly undergoing a very slight brand identity change. Nothing major, but we like to make sure that we keep our website looking neat and tidy, and change it up… Continue reading »

Pollution Control and Emergencies at ReAgent

Graham Bayliss

19th March 2015

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Pollution Control We have a duty of care to the environment which involves taking pollution control very seriously. As a chemical manufacturer, our pollution will come from spillages that may result from poor equipment, accidents, bad manufacturing practices and poor spill capture systems. In order to prevent pollution through spillages, it’s important that we maintain… Continue reading »