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New: ReAgent’s Company History Video

Jessica Clifton

1st July 2020


ReAgent’s Company History Video

Our new company history video explores ReAgent from when it was founded over 40 years ago, and looks at how we have become a third generation family business. ReAgent was founded in 1977 by Derek Millard, who worked in a standards lab at ICI. Derek realised that he could supply this standards lab… Continue reading »

What Are The Lead Times On Your Products?

Jessica Clifton

22nd January 2020


Find out the lead times on ReAgent and products

When we receive a new enquiry, one of the questions we’re commonly asked (and rightly so!) is when the customer can expect to receive their product. Because we manufacture a wide range of chemicals and offer different chemical services, the answer can be different depending on your requirements. At ReAgent, we manufacture custom-made… Continue reading »

Can I Visit Your Chemical Manufacturing Facility For An Audit?

Jessica Clifton

8th January 2020


ReAgent is open to customers who want to conduct audits of our chemical manufacturingfacility

We’re often asked by customers and potential customers whether they can visit our chemical manufacturing facility in Cheshire, U.K., in order to conduct an audit at our premises. If you’re interested in one of our chemical manufacturing services, whether that’s contract manufacturing, chemical repacking or our new biological reagents service, we are open… Continue reading »

ReAgent Review of the Year 2019

Jessica Clifton

18th December 2019


ReAgent's new biological reagent manufacturing service includes making IVD reagents for medical devices

Unbelievably, another decade has almost gone by and this time of year always finds us reflecting back on our successes, mistakes, and what we’ve learned. 2019 has been quite a year for ReAgent, from settling into our new factory to gaining more quality certifications, employing more team members to help facilitate our considerable… Continue reading »

Does ReAgent Offer A Chemical Labelling Service?

Jessica Clifton

13th November 2019


Does ReAgent Offer A Chemical Labelling Service

We are often asked whether we provide a chemical labelling service by customers requiring us to manufacture and package custom-made chemicals. Although our products are, by default, delivered bearing the ReAgent logo, we do offer a fully customisable labelling service and a variety of options to custom-label your chemicals to your exact specifications.… Continue reading »

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