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Different Types Of Chemical Reagents And Their Uses

Lucy Bell-Young

14th September 2020


Pipette adding fluid to one of several test tubes

In chemistry, reagents are compounds, substances, or mixtures used to examine chemical reactions. Commonly, a reagent is incorporated into a test to either produce a chemical reaction, or to check if a reaction would occur to begin with. Read on to discover more about how chemical reagents work, and what role they’re playing… Continue reading »

What Is A Reagent?

Lucy Bell-Young

11th September 2020


Lab assisstant using reagents in chemical analysis test tubes

If you’ve ever used a pregnancy test, a blood glucose test kit, or a coronavirus rapid test kit at home, then you’ve already used reagents. Technically, the reagent that you use in home test kits are your own body fluids. Usually, this is in the form of either urine or blood, since these… Continue reading »

What Coronavirus Vaccines Are Being Developed?

Lucy Bell-Young

17th August 2020


Clear bottle with 'covid-19 vaccine' label

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, the world is trying to ready itself for a second wave of the pandemic. After emerging from several months of lockdown, many countries are once again facing the possibility of their healthcare systems being overwhelmed. Although some countries have been able to flatten the infectious… Continue reading »

Key Chemical Manufacturing Regulations in the UK

Jessica Clifton

8th July 2020


Key chemical manufacturing regulations

Working in industries and businesses involving chemicals isn’t simple. In this type of industry, there are many pre-existing chemical manufacturing regulations to be mindful of. For one, the hazards involved mean that strict safety precautions must be met. This is why the UK government, along with international agencies, have created legal mandates to… Continue reading »

4 Essential Lean Manufacturing Podcasts for 2020

Jessica Clifton

24th June 2020



You may have read our recent blog post on the best science podcasts to listen to in 2020 to can boost your science knowledge, where we presented a mix of funny, educational and quirky science podcasts. Today, we’re looking at the best lean manufacturing podcast episodes. Manufacturing is what we do at ReAgent,… Continue reading »

Chemical Contamination of Food

Jessica Clifton

20th May 2020


Chemical contamination of food

The chemical contamination of food is almost inevitable because of various environmental and food processing factors. Food can also be chemically contaminated during handling, storage, and transport. Most cases of food contamination are very negligible and unnoticeable in terms of parts per million. For instance, a pizza delivered to your house can be… Continue reading »

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