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Why Are Chemicals Stored In Plastic Containers?

Lucy Bell-Young

1st April 2020


Why Are Chemicals Stored in Plastic Containers?

Have you ever wondered why plastic containers are most commonly used for storing chemicals? It goes well beyond the variety of shapes and sizes they come in, or the environmental benefits they offer, although these are major bonuses. Plastic Chemical Storage Storing a chemical in the right container is the first way to… Continue reading »

Guide to First Aid in a Chemical Laboratory

Jessica Clifton

18th March 2020



There are certain hazards you can encounter when working in a lab that are unique to the chemical industry, so it’s important to have a guide to first aid in a chemical laboratory. It’s possible that injuries can occur that require immediate on-site attention and treatment, so chemical manufacturers should have safety precautions… Continue reading »

How to Manage Chemical Hazards

Jessica Clifton

11th March 2020


How to manage hazardous chemicals

Before we can discuss how to manage chemical hazards, we must first understand what are classified as hazardous chemicals. What are hazardous chemicals? Hazardous chemicals are substances, whether an element or compound form, that are poisonous, injurious or a threat to health. Some are highly corrosive and reactive. Others are carcinogenic. They could… Continue reading »

Regulations in the UK Cosmetics Industry

Jessica Clifton

19th February 2020


The UK cosmetics industry in 2020

The UK cosmetics industry is such an overwhelmingly prominent market, specialising in lotions and potions we apply directly to our skin, hair, and teeth, that regulations have to be solid and governing bodies are faced with the need to constantly review and sharpen up the rules. Cosmetics Industry Market Share When we first… Continue reading »

What Are The Lead Times On Your Products?

Jessica Clifton

22nd January 2020


Find out the lead times on ReAgent and products

When we receive a new enquiry, one of the questions we’re commonly asked (and rightly so!) is when the customer can expect to receive their product. Because we manufacture a wide range of chemicals and offer different chemical services, the answer can be different depending on your requirements. At ReAgent, we manufacture custom-made… Continue reading »

Can I Visit Your Chemical Manufacturing Facility For An Audit?

Jessica Clifton

8th January 2020


ReAgent is open to customers who want to conduct audits of our chemical manufacturingfacility

We’re often asked by customers and potential customers whether they can visit our chemical manufacturing facility in Cheshire, U.K., in order to conduct an audit at our premises. If you’re interested in one of our chemical manufacturing services, whether that’s contract manufacturing, chemical repacking or our new biological reagents service, we are open… Continue reading »

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