What Is Contract Manufacturing?

Simon Tasker

6th March 2019



What Is Contract Manufacturing?

Contract manufacturing is essentially when one business manufactures a product for another business who have provided a specified formula or design. It’s a common process in the chemical industry, as well as in the medical, food and automotive industries. While it sounds simple and is hugely beneficial, contract manufacturing comes with its own complexities and… Continue reading »

100% Quality Mark in Achilles Audit

Amy Hawthorne

23rd January 2015

Company News


Chemical Manufacturing

Following an assessment we have undergone from Achilles, we’ve received a certificate to show we passed a Category A Audit. The audit assessed us on Safety, Health, Environmental and Quality practices and procedures and we were pleased to receive the following marks in our Management System Evaluation: Quality: 100% Environment: 88.7% Health and Safety: 86%… Continue reading »