Why Are Chemicals Stored In Plastic Containers?

Lucy Bell-Young

8th November 2017

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Why Are Chemicals Stored in Plastic Containers?

Have you ever wondered why plastic containers are most commonly used for storing chemicals? It goes well beyond the variety of shapes and sizes they come in, or the environmental benefits they offer, although these are major bonuses. Storing a chemical in the right container is the first way to ensure safety when handling strong… Continue reading »

Pumping Iron – The Science of Sport & Exercise

Dan Wiggins

14th July 2015

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James A. Blumenthal and Michael A. Babyak, researchers from Duke University published an article in the “Archives of Internal Medicine” in 1999 demonstrating their findings that regular exercise boosts peoples self esteem and decreases stress. Their research discovered that people who exercise at a moderate intensity for just 40 minutes per day, three to five… Continue reading »

The Major Milestones that Define your Company

Amy Hawthorne

8th August 2014

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Since being established under the name RCS (ReAgent Chemical Services) in 1977, the road to where ReAgent is now hasn’t all been smooth. You can read about the birth of ReAgent and the trials and triumphs of setting up a new business in the 70’s. Despite some money and health-related setbacks, RCS’s founders, Derek and… Continue reading »