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ReAgent Is Now A Royal Society of Chemistry EnterprisePlus Member

Jessica Clifton

20th March 2019

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ReAgent is now a member of EnterprisePlus by the Royal Society for Chemistry

We are delighted to announce that ReAgent is now an EnterprisePlus member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC). What Is The Royal Society of Chemistry? The RSC is a not-for-profit organisation with over 50,000 members. Started 175 years ago, the RSC continues to invest in educating young (and not so young!) scientists. They partner… Continue reading »

ReAgent Gives Presentation at REACH Conference

Graham Bayliss

15th August 2014




REACH: a time to plan On 4th June 2014, ReAgent was invited to attend the second annual Chemicals Northwest conference. This conference focussed on REACH and was partnered by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Graham Bayliss, the Systems Manager of ReAgent, gave a presentation at the conference. As Graham is responsible for the standards and… Continue reading »

11 Science Podcasts to Boost your Science Knowledge

Amy Hawthorne

23rd July 2014




I’ve done some digging around the web to find a selection of the best science podcasts to suit practically every taste. The result is this compilation of podcasts that may (or may not) enhance your science knowledge. Some of these science podcasts are funny, some are serious, some are educational, whilst others offer some light… Continue reading »

Meet Graham Bayliss – Systems Manager at ReAgent

Amy Hawthorne

28th March 2014

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Meet Graham Bayliss

At any company, keeping track of standards and safety systems would be enough work to keep a team of people busy. When you throw chemicals into the formula, you’d be surprised at just how much maintenance and audits are required to ensure safety and quality are never compromised. Meet the man behind all of this… Continue reading »