5 Life Hacks For Winter

Lucy Bell-Young

22nd November 2017

Chemicals, Science


5 Life Hacks for Winter

Is winter taking its toll on you this year? Are you struggling to not let the bitter cold weather, iced-over windshields, and dark mornings eclipse your childhood wonderland? Let science restore your faith in winter as we pass on to you 5 life hacks that will help you survive the upcoming freeze. The Key to… Continue reading »

ReAgent Explores The Mechanics of Genius

Rich Hudson

11th February 2016



The Mechanics of Genius – Sign

Earlier this week ReAgent attended the launch event of the latest exhibition to come to the Science Museum in London.  The exhibition is titled “Leonardo da Vinci: The Mechanics of Genius” and it explores the amazing contribution to science (and art) made by one of the greatest minds ever, Leonardo da Vinci. The event was… Continue reading »

3 Spooky Chemistry Experiments for Halloween Decor

Dan Wiggins

23rd October 2015



Spooky Chemical Experiments

Whether you take halloween seriously and decorate your entire house top to bottom, or whether you have no interest whatsoever and turn the television up louder to ignore the trick or treaters, there is sure to be something in this incredible list of the 3 best chemistry experiments for Halloween props! WARNING: YOU MUST REMEMBER TO TAKE CORRECT… Continue reading »