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Chemical Reactions Happening in Daily Life

Lucy Bell-Young

13th January 2021



Chemistry is all around us and chemical reactions occur every day in a lot of the processes we see and do on a regular basis. Chemical reactions occur when substances react with one another: oxidation on an iron nail causes it to rust, and we get fire when oxygen reacts with a combustible… Continue reading »

Chemical Methods of Food Preservation

Lucy Bell-Young

6th January 2021


Pickled vegetables in glass jars

Using chemical food preservatives is one of the many ways of preserving food. Food preservation has been part of human activity since long before civilization was developed. In fact, evidence suggests that as many as 14,000 years ago, people in the Middle East and in the Orient actively used sun drying techniques to… Continue reading »

The Chemistry Of Soap Making

Lucy Bell-Young

30th December 2020


Woman taking soap bars out of plastic form

The chemistry of soap making is an ancient science. In fact, soap is one of the earliest inventions of humanity. It’s almost as old as civilisation, with its earliest recorded evidence being traced all the way back to ancient Babylon 4,800 years ago – though its invention probably dates back much farther than… Continue reading »

The Science Of Fasting

Lucy Bell-Young

9th December 2020


Alarm clock and plate with cutlery . Concept of intermittent fasting

Fasting is now a commercially promoted diet, hailed by health gurus and influencers as a healthy way of cleansing your body of toxic metabolites and improving your overall health. But do these claims have a factual basis? And if so, what is the science behind fasting? What Is Fasting? Fasting is the intentional… Continue reading »

How Does Bleach Work Chemically?

Lucy Bell-Young

25th November 2020


Household chemicals, disinfectant, bleach, antibacterial gel, yellow rubber gloves, sponge, rags, dishwasher tablets on blue background.

How does bleach work chemically? Well, by disintegrating the molecular bonds of stains, which effectively removes those stains. How bleach works is actually a simple oxidation reaction that removes electrons from chromophores, otherwise known as pigment molecules.  This article explains the chemistry behind this everyday substance, from the different types of chemical-based bleaches… Continue reading »

The Chemistry Behind Sugar

Lucy Bell-Young

11th November 2020


The chemistry of sugar

As a staple household item and common food additive, not many of us think about the chemistry behind sugar when this sweet confection is brought up. Instead, images of its fine, crystalline grains, or tightly compacted cubes spring to mind. However, the everyday sugar you add to your cup of tea or baking… Continue reading »

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