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Powder Packing and Creative Colour Explosions

Amy Hawthorne

16th January 2015



We’ve been packing, sealing and shipping all kinds of chemicals since 1977, and powder packing is a huge part of our business. We were intrigued when we came across some niche applications for colourful powder which can lead to unusual and artistic results. For these applications, you would need a lot of powder… Continue reading »

Experiments for Kids: What Factors Affect a Reaction?

Amy Hawthorne

12th November 2014



If you’ve been following our previous three posts on experiments for kids, you’ll know the common signifiers of a chemical reaction; colour changes, production of gas or heat, luminescence and the formation of a precipitate. But, do you know which factors affect a reaction? In the final blog post of the series, we… Continue reading »

Experiments for Kids: Electrolysis

Amy Hawthorne

11th November 2014



Part 3 in our series of chemical reactions for kids shows another fun experiment that kids can understand and enjoy. Our experiments for kids are presented in a simple way and are safe for young children to carry out, although the supervision of adults is recommended. Experiment 3: Splitting Water (Electrolysis) Chemical reactions… Continue reading »

Experiments for Kids: Copper-based Precipitates

Amy Hawthorne

4th November 2014



You may have come across Part 1 in our series of chemical reactions that kids can enjoy, and hopefully your children have tried out the simple experiment showing the production of heat and gas. Today’s experiment to help get children safely learning about – and enjoying – chemistry is all about copper-based precipitates… Continue reading »

Art Meets Science at Manchester Science Festival

Amy Hawthorne

12th September 2014



The Manchester Science Festival is an ongoing event taking place across various parts of the Manchester area, which aims to deliver a range of workshops and performances to allow visitors to enjoy science in ways they never have before. Manchester Science Festival is produced by MOSI. As we are a Corporate Member of the Science Museum,… Continue reading »

BLOODHOUND SSC: ReAgent Sponsors World’s Fastest Car

Amy Hawthorne

9th September 2014


BloodhoundSSC_rear_dynamic_medium_Feb2014 pic credit – Siemens NX

The BLOODHOUND Project aims to break the current Land Speed Record, by building a Car that can drive at speeds of above 1000 mph, powered by a hybrid rocket. Faster than the speed of sound, the BLOODHOUND SSC would be able to travel across four and a half football pitches in one second!… Continue reading »

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