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Explore Chemistry at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre

Amy Hawthorne

7th July 2014



Wherever we can, ReAgent aims to support educational centres in the name of science, to ensure the youths of today continue to enjoy the subject and grow up to be the next generation of great scientists. We are a member of MOSI and a supporter of Chemistry with Cabbage. We were recently approached… Continue reading »

5 Amazing Scientific Discoveries from British Chemists

Amy Hawthorne

26th June 2014



Britain has certainly made its mark in the field of chemistry, with pioneers in the chemical industry making amazing scientific discoveries that have shaped the way we understand the world today. The huge contributions from British scientists to chemistry have led to redeveloping certain ideas that had been around for hundreds –even thousands… Continue reading »

VIP Launch of the Collider Exhibition at MOSI

Rich Hudson

28th May 2014


Richard Bacon introducing the event

ReAgent is proud to be a corporate member of the Science Museum in London. One of the benefits of our membership is that we get invited to VIP launch events at the Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI). At the launch parties, we have the chance to enjoy a selection of entertainment from… Continue reading »

Chemicals in Food: Who cares about Science?

Amy Hawthorne

22nd May 2014



“Get healthy. Get clean. Go Chemical-Free today!” is the advice radiated from, a “non-profit organisation dedicated to scientific research”. We have to question the source of the research that claims there is even such a thing as going “chemical-free”. Cue eye-roll. But who listens to scientists anyway? Not Food Babe in her… Continue reading »

Why Chemistry is taking Centre Stage at the Houses of Parliament

Amy Hawthorne

9th May 2014


Cheryl Murray MP-featured-image

2011 was the Year of Chemistry and many politicians are still raving about the subject, so it seems that Chemistry is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The chemists at ReAgent are fully-trained and know a thing or two about Chemistry, which is why our customers are always so pleased with our technical services… Continue reading »

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