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What Is STEM Education And Why Is It Important?

Lucy Bell-Young

25th September 2020


STEM with young man holding his hands

STEM education can be pursued by students who have good aptitude in science and maths subjects. It’s an education strand that’s offered throughout school, and in secondary school specifically to qualified students who are planning to take science-related courses in college. A good grounding in STEM is preparation for those who want to… Continue reading »

What Is Chemical Energy?

Lucy Bell-Young

16th September 2020


3D Illustration of an atom, which contains chemical energy

Chemical energy is what allows our bodies to keep functioning. In more basic terms, we, along with every living thing on this planet, need chemical energy to survive. Because it’s most commonly found in food, chemical energy is stored in the atoms, electrons, and molecular bonds that make up our bodies. From here,… Continue reading »

Different Types Of Chemical Reagents And Their Uses

Lucy Bell-Young

14th September 2020


Pipette adding fluid to one of several test tubes

In chemistry, reagents are compounds, substances, or mixtures used to examine chemical reactions. Commonly, a reagent is incorporated into a test to either produce a chemical reaction, or to check if a reaction would occur to begin with. Read on to discover more about how chemical reagents work, and what role they’re playing… Continue reading »

What Is A Reagent?

Lucy Bell-Young

11th September 2020


Lab assisstant using reagents in chemical analysis test tubes

If you’ve ever used a pregnancy test, a blood glucose test kit, or a coronavirus rapid test kit at home, then you’ve already used reagents. Technically, the reagent that you use in home test kits are your own body fluids. Usually, this is in the form of either urine or blood, since these… Continue reading »

Science Experiments for Kids Part 1: Heat and Release of Gas

Jessica Clifton

9th September 2020


Science experiments for kids

You have found the first in a four-part series on science experiments that kids can safely get involved with at home – while having fun! We hope these exciting chemical reactions will encourage children to learn about chemistry, and discover how exciting science can be. Simple Science Experiments for Kids Heat Transfer Science… Continue reading »

How & Why Is Chemical Energy Stored In Food?

Lucy Bell-Young

2nd September 2020


Food is basically solar energy that’s stored in the form of complex biochemical substances. The process of releasing stored energy from food is almost as complex as the process of storing energy in food. This article will explain how this process works, as well as why it happens.  A Brief Overview Of Chemical… Continue reading »

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