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How Do Fat Burners Work?

Jessica Clifton

15th July 2020


How do fat burners work

Do you want to lose weight fast? That’s the promise a lot of fat burners make, but how do they work? (And perhaps the bigger question, do they actually work?)  What are fat burners? “Fat burner” is a non-technical term that refers to food or nutrition supplements that are intended to boost the… Continue reading »

What is a Chemical Reaction?

Jessica Clifton

17th June 2020


What is a chemical reaction

A chemical reaction is distinct from a physical or phase change (e.g. evaporation, which is a change from liquid to gas) because the reaction involves a change in atomic combinations. For instance, the chemical reaction of water with sodium is an exothermic violent reaction that releases one hydrogen atom per molecule of water… Continue reading »

Best Careers in Science

Jessica Clifton

10th June 2020


Best careers in science - become an astronaut

Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Stephen Hawking. You could say that these famous names had the best careers in science. They followed their passion for science throughout their lives and were rewarded with incredible careers, being recognised worldwide for achievements that have impacted the scientific world and beyond. Pursuing a science education past… Continue reading »

How Do Safety Matches Work?

Lucy Bell-Young

27th May 2020


Safety Matches

Safety matches are a common item in every household’s kitchen drawer. They’re a simple enough concept – strike the match head against the strip and voila. But there’s actually a lot of chemistry at work in this everyday object. There are two types of matches: ones that are considered safe, and ones that… Continue reading »

The Chemistry of Fire

Lucy Bell-Young

29th April 2020


Camp Fire

We’ve all heard of fire, and see it almost every day in matches, lighters, fireworks, gas hobs, and fireplaces. But this ostensibly simple reaction is actually a complex scientific event. What is Fire Exactly? Fire is an exothermic, self-perpetuating reaction that happens when a solid, liquid or gas-phase fuel undergoes rapid oxidation. This… Continue reading »

The 10 Best Science Podcasts in 2020

Jessica Clifton

15th April 2020



We’ve done some digging to find a selection of the best science podcasts in 2020 to suit practically every taste. The result is this compilation of podcasts that may (or may not) enhance your science knowledge. Some are funny, some serious, some are educational, whilst others offer some light relief from hard-core science.… Continue reading »

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