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What Is A Reagent?

Lucy Bell-Young

11th September 2020


Lab assisstant using reagents in chemical analysis test tubes

If you’ve ever used a pregnancy test, a blood glucose test kit, or a coronavirus rapid test kit at home, then you’ve already used reagents. Technically, the reagent that you use in home test kits are your own body fluids. Usually, this is in the form of either urine or blood, since these… Continue reading »

Science Experiments for Kids Part 1: Heat and Release of Gas

Jessica Clifton

9th September 2020


Science experiments for kids

You have found the first in a four-part series on science experiments that kids can safely get involved with at home – while having fun! We hope these exciting chemical reactions will encourage children to learn about chemistry, and discover how exciting science can be. Simple Science Experiments for Kids Heat Transfer Science… Continue reading »

How & Why Is Chemical Energy Stored In Food?

Lucy Bell-Young

2nd September 2020


Food is basically solar energy that’s stored in the form of complex biochemical substances. The process of releasing stored energy from food is almost as complex as the process of storing energy in food. This article will explain how this process works, as well as why it happens.  A Brief Overview Of Chemical… Continue reading »

The Chemistry of Dreaming

Lucy Bell-Young

26th August 2020


A dream catcher with the sun setting behind it

The answer to why we dream is something that has eluded scientists since the dawn of time. It remains one of the most mysterious functions of the human body, and even in 2020, researchers are still stumped by the question of exactly why and how we dream. But with the abundance of recent… Continue reading »

What Are Steroids?

Lucy Bell-Young

19th August 2020


As biologically active organic compounds, steroids are artificial hormones that are derived from naturally-occurring hormones in the body. These compounds are structurally composed of four cycloalkane rings found in multicellular organisms. Steroids mainly function as vital biocomponents that affect a huge range of physiological processes.  Types Of Steroids There are hundreds of different… Continue reading »

What Coronavirus Vaccines Are Being Developed?

Lucy Bell-Young

17th August 2020


Clear bottle with 'covid-19 vaccine' label

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 continue to rise, the world is trying to ready itself for a second wave of the pandemic. After emerging from several months of lockdown, many countries are once again facing the possibility of their healthcare systems being overwhelmed. Although some countries have been able to flatten the infectious… Continue reading »

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