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The STEM Skills Shortage & What It Means for the UK Chemical Industry

Jessica Clifton

1st August 2019



Reports have been circulating for well over a decade that the UK has a STEM skills shortage. Indeed, STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) skills are critical to the country’s productivity and economy, making this shortage a critical problem to solve especially in an era of fast-paced technological change.  But what’s the cause… Continue reading »

What is Decomposition?

Lucy Bell-Young

15th November 2018


Everything in this world eventually decomposes. In living organisms, decomposition is simply the breaking down of dead, organic matter. In chemistry terms, it is when a single compound breaks down into at least 2 simpler products. With this in mind, there are 2 main categories of decomposition: biotic, or organic decomposition is characterised… Continue reading »

The Chemistry of Autumn Colours

Lucy Bell-Young

26th September 2018


Autumn coloured leaves scattered on the ground

Autumn officially began 3 days ago. The days have started getting darker, the wind has got colder and the leaves have started changing colours – and chemistry is here to explain how. Aside from pumpkin-spiced lattés and bonfire nights, the colours of autumn leaves are one of the favourite things about this interim… Continue reading »

The Distillation of Gin

Lucy Bell-Young

12th September 2018


Two glass bottles of gin

Gin starts its life as almost entirely pure ethanol. In order to transform into one of the world’s favourite spirit, it must first undergo a process of distillation. This alcoholic beverage undergoes the same process that some of our purified water products undergo: distillation. Gin is produced by redistilling ethanol and infusing it… Continue reading »

Tin Hedgehog Experiment

Lucy Bell-Young

5th September 2018


Hedgehog walking through fallen leaves

The tin hedgehog experiment is a simple piece of chemistry that involves tin crystals growing on a zinc pellet, transforming it into the likeness of our favourite spiky animal. Chemistry has had an astounding impact on the modern world. Thanks to chemistry, we enjoy things like penicillin, soap and even the screen you’re… Continue reading »

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