ReAgent Gets Involved with the SoftSlide Project

Lucy Bell-Young

20th December 2017

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Dynamic Seals

ReAgent are excited to announce that we have been invited to embark on a new adventure that will reshape the moulded parts industry. Together with other leading European companies, we join the SoftSlide project to deliver an innovative method of manufacturing dynamic seals. The Project In a previous blog post, we told you about an… Continue reading »

The SoftSlide Project: A New Dynamic Sealing Generation

Lucy Bell-Young

6th December 2017

Company News, Manufacturing


The SoftSlide Project

Introducing the SoftSlide project: an innovative powerhouse that is entering the fore of the moulded parts industry – and it is going to change the world of dynamic seal manufacturing with ground-breaking technology. ReAgent are playing an important role in this exciting undertaking; but before we get into that, what is the project all about?… Continue reading »