Tin Chloride (SnCl2)

26th October 2018



An image showing Tin Chloride (SnCl2) in a 5kg container

Looking for Stannous Chloride?

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What is Tin Chloride?

Also known as stannous chloride, tin (II) chloride is a white crystalline solid and has the chemical formula SnCl2. It’s stable as a dihydrate form but can undergo hydrolysis when in solution.

This compound is typically used as a reducing agent in electrolysis reactions for tin plating. It’s important to note that this compound is different from stannic chloride (tin(IV) chloride), which has the formula SnCl4.

What is Tin (II) Chloride Used For?

  • Tin Cans: The most important industrial use for this compound is in the manufacture of tin cans, specifically the tin plating of steel.
  • Textile Industry: Tin chloride is used in the textile industry as a mordant, allowing brighter colours to be used.
  • Plastic Manufacture: This compound is also used in the manufacture of polylactic acid plastic.
  • Production of Acetone Peroxide: This compound is used as a catalyst in the reaction between hydrogen peroxide and acetone to produce acetone peroxide
  • Reducing Agent: In a similar reaction as used for the manufacture of tin cans, stannous chloride can be used as a reducing agent in several other reactions, including silvering mirrors.
  • Organic Chemistry: Stannous chloride is used in the Stephen reduction reaction, in which a nitrile is converted to an imine and subsequently hydrolysed to an aldehyde.

Friendly Suppliers

At ReAgent, we strive to offer all our customers a friendly service. Our products, including tin (II) chloride, are backed by a 100% quality guarantee so that you can relax and buy with confidence.

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