Ultrapure Water

26th October 2018



An image showing Ultrapure Water in a 5 litre container

Properties of Ultrapure Water

  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Formula: H2O
  • pH: 5-8
  • Resistivity: 1/Conductivity Mohms
  • CAS No.: 7732-18-5

What is Ultrapure Water?

Ultrapure water is a high quality grade of water widely used in engineering applications and in laboratory testing. Although produced in a similar way to deionised and demineralised water, ultrapure water retains some features that make it distinct from these elements.

Popular uses for ultrapure water include:

  • Research and testing in a range of laboratory environments
  • Cleaning medical and healthcare equipment
  • Diagnostic clinical analysis and testing
  • Production of semiconductors.

Producing and Testing Ultrapure Water

Our ultrapure water is produced using a system that starts with an organic trap to remove any organic matter. This is followed by a twin-bed deioniser to remove cat ions and an ions, along with a mixed-bed resin to further reduce contaminants.

The resulting water is of an extremely high standard which we know as deionised or demineralised water. This then undergoes further testing to a higher specification, before being sold as ultrapure water.

Owing to customer demand, ReAgent now tests its ultrapure water to a higher specification than our deionised and demineralised water.  Testing for ultrapure water now includes:

  • Conductivity testing to less than 0.05 microsiemens when packed
  • Chloride testing to less than 1 ppm
  • pH testing
  • Total chlorine testing
  • Free thlorine testing
  • Nitrate testing
  • Nitrite testing.

Ultrapure Water vs. Deionised Water: What’s the Difference?

Many customers often ask about the differences between ultrapure and deionised water. Not only is ultrapure water tested to a higher standard than deionised and distilled water, it has also gone through a much more rigorous filtration process.

Ultrapure water has usually gone 12 filtration steps beyond reverse osmosis, with the final filter having pores just 20 nanometers wide. While deionised water is often the water of choice for lubricating and cleaning industrial machines and the production of cosmetics and medicines, ultrapure water is usually more preferable in the production of electronics and for precise chemical testing. Some deionised water  is also safe to drink, whereas ultra pure water is not.

Why Buy Ultrapure Water from Trusted UK Suppliers?

Dedicated chemical suppliers, ReAgent, are able to provide ultrapure water in a range of pack sizes including 5 litres, 25 litres and 1,000 litre IBCs (intermediate bulk containers). All of our products come with a full Certificate of Analysis and we only ever manufacture in accordance with strict health and safety regulations, as well as packing and transport requirements.

If you’d like to place an order with us, simply fill out the contact form below or get in touch via phone, email or fax. As well as the above batch sizes we also strive to accommodate bespoke orders, so whatever your requirements please don’t hesitate to let us know.


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