Why we Chose Freight First as one of our Transport Providers

26th December 2014

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What we require from a Transport Provider

At ReAgent, we’re confident that we can get products made quickly. However, a delay can sometimes arise when it comes to transporting the products to our customers. It’s important that we use a reliable and efficient transport provider so we don’t let our customers down and so they’re happy to return to us for future orders.

Due to the nature of chemicals, there are a number of laws surrounding how they can be shipped. We require ADR-qualified carriers to transport our hazardous products.

Our neighbours at the Whitehouse Industrial Estate in Runcorn, Freight First, are qualified to ship hazardous goods and have also proved to be the reliable transport provider we need.

What does ReAgent think about Freight First?

Mike Gould, ReAgent’s Sales Manager, spends some of his time in our offices, and the rest of his time is spent visiting customers and suppliers. Mike visited Freight First and provided a video testimonial for their website, to show we’re satisfied with the service they provide and to recommend them to potential customers.

In the video, Mike discusses how previous haulage companies we had worked with didn’t always react quickly and in some cases, we needed same-day service which wasn’t available. Freight First are local and have always offered us a good quality of service and fair prices.

They’re always very responsive and we’ve never had any problems.

We Love Customer Feedback

We love receiving positive feedback from our customers and we construct case studies to highlight some of the work we’ve done with customers, which gives them the opportunity to voice their opinion on ReAgent.

We think a video testimonial – like Mike’s on the Freight First website – makes recommendations a little more personal. It’s a feature we will consider adding to our own website in 2015, when we will hopefully start filming customers that are happy to talk about the service they have received from ReAgent on camera.

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