Xylene (General Use)

26th October 2018



An image showing Xylene (General Use) in a 2.5litre container

Need xylene for general use?

  • We supply xylene for general use in 2.5L and 25L containers, as well as 200L drums
  • Discounts are available for bulk orders over 4 items
  • MSDS available to download from our website
  • We can also xylene for laboratory use
  • All our products come with further options, including customised labelling and specific pack sizes

What are xylene’s common applications?

  • Raw material: Para-xylene is the main precursor in the synthesis of dimethyl terephthalate and terephthalic acid, which are used in the plastic and textile industry. Ortho-xylene is also used in the manufacture of phthalic anhydride, whereas meta-xylene is used to synthesise isophthalic acid. Of these three options, meta-xylene is the least used isomer, and is commonly converted to one of the other two versions.

Other examples include a chlorination reaction to produce xylene dichloride (bis(chloromethyl)benzenes) and a mono-bromination reaction to synthesise xylyl bromide.

  • Solvent: Like benzene and toluene, xylene is a popular solvent. Typically, this mixture includes all three isomers and is used in the petroleum, leather, printing, and rubber industry.
  • Lab use: This compound is used in the lab together with dry ice as a coolant in reaction vessels. It’s also ideal to clean microscope objective lenses, especially to remove immersion oil. Also in microscopy, xylene is used to clean slides and remove paraffin from previous applications.

Is xylene safe?

Exposure to this compound may cause headache and dizziness as well as eye and skin irritation. It may also cause kidney and liver failure, respiratory problems, coma and death if not treated promptly. It’s essential to always wear protective equipment when handling this chemical.

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