At ReAgent we’re constantly looking for new ways to better serve the needs of our customers and we’re always willing to invest in new equipment to achieve this end.

As a result we’ve recently launched an Ampoule Filling Service and to promote it we’ve produced our very own short video to show our Rota 915 Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine in action.

The ampoule filling machine outputs around 15 filled and hermetically sealed glass vials per minute (that’s around 6,000 per working day), filling each with up to 2ml of liquid. The flames you see in this video are the opening and sealing mechanism: the first flame melts the top off each ampoule for filling and the second hermetically seals it to protect the contents from external contaminants. We prefer to use glass ampoules because they’re stronger than their plastic counterparts and are far more effective at protecting their contents due to their imperviousness to most liquids and gases.


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