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How Do Safety Matches Work?

Lucy Bell-Young

27th May 2020


Safety Matches

Safety matches are a common item in every household’s kitchen drawer. They’re a simple enough concept – strike the match head against the strip and voila. But there’s actually a lot of chemistry at work in this everyday object. There are two types of matches: ones that are considered safe, and ones that… Continue reading »

Chemical Contamination of Food

Jessica Clifton

20th May 2020


Chemical contamination of food

The chemical contamination of food is almost inevitable because of various environmental and food processing factors. Food can also be chemically contaminated during handling, storage, and transport. Most cases of food contamination are very negligible and unnoticeable in terms of parts per million. For instance, a pizza delivered to your house can be… Continue reading »

6 Artists Getting Creative with Chemicals

Jessica Clifton

13th May 2020



The range of possible applications of chemicals is truly endless; they make up everything and are the catalysts that allow everything to happen. However, it may come as a surprise to learn that increasing numbers of artists are getting creative with chemicals and exploring the qualities chemicals can provide when they react with… Continue reading »

What Is Amphetamine?

Jessica Clifton

6th May 2020


What is amphetamine

What is amphetamine? Well, amphetamines are a class of drugs that stimulate the central nervous system. They are also known as psycho-stimulants, and are sometimes used as a treatment for those who have the following disorders: Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Narcolepsy Parkinson’s disease Obesity Although amphetamine has medical uses, it is also… Continue reading »

The Chemistry of Fire

Lucy Bell-Young

29th April 2020


Camp Fire

We’ve all heard of fire, and see it almost every day in matches, lighters, fireworks, gas hobs, and fireplaces. But this ostensibly simple reaction is actually a complex scientific event. What is Fire Exactly? Fire is an exothermic, self-perpetuating reaction that happens when a solid, liquid or gas-phase fuel undergoes rapid oxidation. This… Continue reading »

What Are Pesticides?

Jessica Clifton

22nd April 2020


What are pesticides? A tractor spraying pesticides on a crop field

Even as human society progresses, people’s basic needs still include food, warmth, and health. In many countries, however, there are still factors which hinder us from attaining these crucial goals. How do pesticides come into this? And what are pesticides? Loss of agricultural yield due to natural calamities or disease has always been… Continue reading »

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