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The Chemistry of Fire

Jessica Clifton

29th April 2020


Camp Fire

We’ve all heard of fire, and see it almost every day in matches, lighters, fireworks, gas hobs, and fireplaces. But this ostensibly simple reaction is actually a complex scientific event. What is Fire Exactly? Fire is an exothermic, self-perpetuating reaction that happens when a solid, liquid or gas-phase fuel undergoes rapid oxidation. This… Continue reading »

What Are Pesticides?

Jessica Clifton

22nd April 2020


What are pesticides? A tractor spraying pesticides on a crop field

Even as human society progresses, people’s basic needs still include food, warmth, and health. In many countries, however, there are still factors which hinder us from attaining these crucial goals. How do pesticides come into this? And what are pesticides? Loss of agricultural yield due to natural calamities or disease has always been… Continue reading »

The 10 Best Science Podcasts in 2020

Jessica Clifton

15th April 2020



We’ve done some digging to find a selection of the best science podcasts in 2020 to suit practically every taste. The result is this compilation of podcasts that may (or may not) enhance your science knowledge. Some are funny, some serious, some are educational, whilst others offer some light relief from hard-core science.… Continue reading »

The Science Behind Vitamin D Supplements

Jessica Clifton

8th April 2020


The science behind vitamin D supplements

Vitamin D is important in the process of calcium absorption by the bones. It also has an important role in immunity and neurological functions. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause loss of bone density, which eventually can lead to osteoporosis. Severe vitamin D deficiency also causes osteomalacia or softening of the bones,… Continue reading »

Why Are Chemicals Stored In Plastic Containers?

Jessica Clifton

1st April 2020


Why Are Chemicals Stored in Plastic Containers?

Have you ever wondered why plastic containers are most commonly used for storing chemicals? It goes well beyond the variety of shapes and sizes they come in, or the environmental benefits they offer, although these are major bonuses. Plastic Chemical Storage Storing a chemical in the right container is the first way to… Continue reading »

The Science Behind LSD

Jessica Clifton

25th March 2020


The science behind LSD

The artistic subculture inspired or even fuelled by LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) is well-documented, but how about the science behind LSD? How and where did the drug originate? How does LSD work and how does it affect people? We’ll be answering those questions in this article. Arguably, LSD is one of the defining… Continue reading »

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