ReAgent has been asked to supply ampoules for medical training. We were recently contacted by two different paramedic training departments from Universities throughout the country who were looking for new, reliable supplier for certain training products based in the UK. Products currently being used by these training schools are supplied by a company based in USA, who manufacture and ship the product – however, by changing supplier to a UK based manufacturer such as ReAgent, the universities will save time, money and effort on the product.

ReAgent Begins to Supply Ampoules for Medical Training

The product itself is to be used in mock scenarios for paramedic training in where the student would need to prepare drugs for administration in the event of an emergency. In order to do this, 2ml of water will be placed into a glass ampoule that will be snapped at an indicated point on the ampoule. The water would then be withdrawn into a syringe so the students can train to calculate the correct amount they need to use when in a real scenario. The water will never be administered during the training exercises, but this is the most accurate way of training the students for this situation.

ReAgent Outlines the Anatomy behind Ampoules for Medical Training
A Simple breakdown of the Ampoules for Medical Training we now supply to universities throughout the country.

The first batch of ampoules had been sent out to various universities before we broke up for Christmas in 2015. And as far as we are aware, our customers are extremely happy with the service provided. We expect to be supplying more of the ampoules and talks of another product have been in the pipeline over the past few months.

ReAgents Capabilities with Ampoule Filling

Our Rota 915 ampoule filling machine is capable of filling and sealing over 6,000 glass ampoules perworking day. This makes ampoule filling a tremendously efficient and cost-effective way to store and transport your product. Each ampoule can be filled with 0-2ml of any non-flammable liquid compatible with glass. We can also fill open vials with between 0 and 20ml if needed.

Our ampoules are made from glass, not plastic. This is because not only is glass a stronger, more robust material, it’s also impervious to gases and other contaminants. As part of our commitment to the environment, we strive to use materials that cause less harm both in production and disposal, and our use of glass is instrumental in this.

If you’re interested in the anatomy of ampoules then we put together an informative blog post on the Evolution of  the Ampoule. 

Ampoules for Medical Training being manufactured in our Ampoule FIlling machine
Glass ampoules are sealed using an open flame which prevents contamination from glass shards and slivers

Could ReAgent Ampoule Filling Services Benefit Your Business?

If you think your product might benefit from being packed into ampoules of if you’d like to discuss other suitable options as well as ampoule filling our technical team are ready and willing to assist you. Simply give us a call on 0800 9555 798 or contact us and we’ll get back to you.

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