At ReAgent, the latest enhancement to our production area is our custom-made fume extraction booth. This large, accessible fume extraction area is primarily being prepared to handle flammable materials safely. 

Watch our short video to learn more about these new capabilities and what they mean for our customers:

New fume extraction features

Measuring four metres wide, three metres tall, and two metres deep, this is our second walk-in fume extraction booth, and also our largest. In fact, it’s large enough that we can fit three IBCs inside the new booth simultaneously, with ample room to work on them safely.

ReAgent Chemicals large fume extraction cupboard

Fitted with ATEX-rated extraction, this booth will further reduce the risk of any issues arising when handling flammable materials. The fume extraction system draws contaminants away, ensuring that the air around the workstation remains clean. This allows for the safe blending, handling, and packing of materials, including flammable materials.

ReAgent's fume extraction capabilities external view
Our fume extraction booth seen from the exterior of our factory

At the same time, this new booth will reduce the workload in our other fume extraction areas, meaning that we can provide a quicker and more efficient service for customers requiring this capability.

ReAgent worker in the large fume extraction booth working on an IBC

ReAgent worker pushing buttons to operate a large fume extraction booth

What happens next?

Now installation is complete, further safeguards, such as improved earthing, floor bunding to protect from spills, clear floor marking, improved anti-static clothing, and operator training will follow. 

If you require fume extraction capabilities to manufacture your products, contact our friendly team today.


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