ReAgent has been making extensive aesthetic improvements to our offices, which has included installing new wall art across our offices, kitchen, and canteen.

The aim of doing this has been to create a more comfortable work environment for our team, inject a little personality, and build a sense of community. 

Watch our video to find out more about what we’ve been doing to enhance the look and feel of our facility:

Installing ReAgent’s wall art

Our brilliant marketing team has designed and overseen the installation of our extensive wall art upgrades. Mission statement display

From taking measurements, using more maths than they thought they would ever have to use in a marketing context, organising photoshoots, and researching chemical structures to designing new graphics and sourcing local suppliers, the team has overseen:

  • Installing ReAgent logos and lightboxes
  • Painting walls in brand colours
  • Upgrading our reception area, including a new breakout room
  • Updating our accreditation displays
  • Creating a feature wall for our mission and vision statements
  • Adding a large periodic table to our QC lab
  • Vinyl-wrapping doors and upgrading flooring and furniture

ReAgent’s new wall art in images

One of ReAgent’s new logo lightboxes
Wall art in the main ReAgent office
Wall art in the main ReAgent office
ReAgent chemicals history timeline
ReAgent’s timeline, which showcases our history from when the company was founded in 1977. You can find out more about our timeline installation here
Our main meeting room is named after our founder, Derek Millard
Our main meeting room is named after our founder, Derek Millard
Chemical structures in our kitchen area
Food and drink-based chemical structures have brought new life to our kitchen area
Periodic table in a QC lab
Adding a splash of colour to our QC lab with a periodic table


Our new wall art installations and our company timeline are the first two phases in upgrading the look and feel of our facility. Coming soon are enhancements to the factory floor – watch this space…


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