At ReAgent, we’ve been on a mission to upgrade our office and shared spaces, as you may have seen in a recent news article.

One of the aims of doing that was to build a sense of community for our teams – and that’s also partly why we’ve recently upgraded our workwear.

Take a look at some of our team wearing the new ReAgent branded workwear:

ReAgent client meeting in office
The new ReAgent workwear is worn across the business, in both the offices and in our manufacturing facility

ReAgent colleague working in an office wearing branded workwear

Why we upgraded our workwear

Not only does this upgrade mean that colleagues can now wear the same uniform across all departments, which helps to nurture our culture of being one team, but we’ve also improved the quality of the workwear.

ReAgent Chemicals employee working in factory

Happy ReAgent Chemicals employee working in factory

ReAgent Chemicals employee wearing branded workwear

As well as refreshing the image of our team, this new workwear is:

  • Of a better overall quality
  • More comfortable
  • Suitable for employees working with sensitive electrical equipment and flammable products
  • Tested to anti-static ESD (electrostatic discharge) standard IEC 61340

So, while we like the new look and feel of our branded workwear, safety and quality are of course paramount, and they’re the main reasons we’ve made this important improvement.


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